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New online tool to drive sales

New Energy Calculator

National fabricator Listers develops Energy Saving Calculator to help installers sell premium windows and doors as cost of energy rockets.

Listers has launched an Energy Calculator – which illustrates the potential energy-saving benefits to homeowners of upgrading their windows to modern, efficient alternatives from the national fabricator.

Hosted on Listers’ own website, or available to retail companies to host on their own websites as a simple plug-in, the Energy Calculator has a user-friendly interface that encourages homeowners to compare a modern window installation with their current set up. The result is a potential cost saving alongside a likely reduction in carbon emissions.

New Energy Calculator

Quick payback

The Energy Calculator uses estimated U-values for older windows, the published U-values for Listers’ energy saving products, the home’s glazed area, and the price of energy to determine the likely cost savings.

In a typical example, a homeowner in an electrically heated semi-detached property, who replaces single-glazed PVC-U windows with double-glazed Veka windows from Listers, could save £15,290 over ten years, and reduce carbon emissions by 28,760kg. The price of the windows would be in the region of £8,000.

Roy Frost
Managing Director Roy Frost

Right at the top of the news agenda, and driving a lot of today’s window and door buying decisions, is the cost of energy.

Insulating homes and reducing energy usage are key for many households going into 2023, as the risk of further hikes in energy bills is very high. A typical home upgrading their windows today could see their investment paid back in just five years. This is a powerful sales message as the market contracts

Managing Director Roy Frost

The government introduced the Energy Price Guarantee in October 2022, which is expected to run in its current form until April 2023. This capped the cost of energy at 34p/kWh for electricity, and 10p/kWh for gas, while the wholesale price of gas continued to rise. Once this cap is lifted, then households’ energy bills could potentially rocket.

Some homeowners are bringing forward home improvement plans to make sure they are not paying more than they need to by the time April 1st comes around.

Since the market is being driven by a smaller number of buyers, each with access to a larger pot of money, we are seeing a corresponding increase in the demand for high-end products, and that is driving up sales of our premium collection of products, such as Sheerline aluminium windows and doors, and the Residence Collection PVC-U timber alternatives.

Managing Director Roy Frost

Part L-compliant

Listers’ Sheerline Roof Lantern and the Prestige window range can offer U-values as low as 1.3W/m2k with a double-glazed unit, and 0.9W/m2k with a triple-glazed. The range has recently been expanded to include the Sheerline Classic Window.

On the PVC-U side, Listers’ Residence 9 range can achieve U-values as low as 1.23W/m2k with 28mm double glazing, and 0.84W/m2k with 44mm triple glazing. This comfortably meets the latest Part L revisions, while giving plenty of headroom for further tightening of the Building Regulations.

By offering suites of energy efficient products, we are offering further opportunities for our customers, because homeowners often look for whole elevation refurbishments, and not just, say, the bi-folding door or windows.

On those occasions where a mix of PVC-U and aluminium is required, we can offer the same lead times across all products and colours, which offers further benefits for installers because they don’t have to keep returning to site to manage multiple deliveries.

Managing Director Roy Frost

Roy argued that, even though Listers have a market-leading product range, helping the homeowner understand how upgrading a home’s windows and doors can save them money on their bills is a key part of the marketing process.

With the price of energy as high as it is, tools like the Energy Calculator are useful assets in helping homeowners visualise the benefits of targeted home improvements, which then creates valuable opportunities for our customers.

Managing Director Roy Frost

Potential Savings

According to Listers’ Energy Calculator, a detached electrically heated home with single glazed wooden windows, upgrading to triple glazed timber alternatives from Listers’ Residence Collection, could potentially save £24,430 over ten years, and reduce carbon emissions by 45,930kg. The cost of upgrading those windows would be in the region of £15,000, which means that investment would be paid back in just over six years at today’s energy prices. This could be shorter if the cost of energy continues to rise.

If you would like to add the Energy Calculator to your website, please fill in the form below to make your request.

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