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Easy Connect Report Guide

The "Easy Connect Report Guide" provides detailed instructions on how to access and customise your reports within the Easy Connect platform. It explains how to navigate the Quote Overview page to find and open reports, and how to print, share, or save them. The guide highlights customisation options such as adding your company logo and contact details, and customising text in various sections of the Homeowner and Retailer reports. For customisation, you simply need to email your requirements to [email protected]. This ensures your reports are tailored to your business needs, enhancing professionalism and clarity. For further assistance, the support team is available via the provided contact details

Easy Connect Custom Pricing Request Form

The "Easy Connect Custom Pricing Request Form" provides the most efficient way to send us your Custom Pricing requirements for Easy Connect. This form combined with the “Custom Pricing Guide” will help to make sure you can make the most out of your Easy Connect. Simply, fill in this interactive form and then email to [email protected], where our team will be on hand to get you setup!

Easy Connect Custom Pricing Guide

The Easy Connect Custom Pricing Guide outlines the wide range of options for Custom pricing that Easy Connect has to offer. This guide covers options including applying cost mark up % to your Listers’ prices, as well as the time-saving Retailer Extras feature. If you need to find out how Easy Connect can be tailored to suit your pricing needs, then this is a must-read.


App Synchronisation Guide

The "Easy Connect App Synchronisation Guide" provides instructions on how to sync the Easy Connect app with the cloud to ensure it functions optimally. As an installer, you'll find this guide useful because it helps you keep the app updated with the latest fixes and improvements, enhancing reliability and performance. Synchronisation is simple and requires an internet connection; it involves just a few taps within the app. Regular updates are recommended, ideally daily, to avoid any operational issues and to take full advantage of new features as they become available. This process ensures that the quotes you provide are always based on the most current data and pricing, even if your initial quote is over 30 days old.

What to do if I have logged in before my account setup has been finalised

The guide "What to do if I have logged in before my account setup has been finalised by Listers " is a crucial resource for you if you've accessed the Easy Connect app prior to the completion of your account setup. This guide walks you through the steps required to reset your account once Listers confirms the setup is complete. It explains how to initiate the reset process within the app, ensuring that all features and functionalities are correctly configured under your user profile. This guide is useful because it helps prevent any issues or disruptions that might arise from using an incompletely set up account, allowing you to smoothly continue your work without further complications.

Troubleshooting Guide

The "Easy Connect Troubleshooting Guide" is designed to address common issues you might encounter while using the Easy Connect app. This guide explains how to handle specific errors, like the Access Violation Error, which can occur when the app is overwhelmed with data or operations. It recommends simple steps like closing and reopening the app to resolve such issues and retrieve your work. Additionally, the guide advises regularly synchronising the app to ensure you have the latest updates and fixes, which is crucial for maintaining app functionality and preventing data loss during larger quotes. This guide is essential for keeping your app running smoothly, ensuring you can continue providing quotes without interruption.

Making Enquiries and Reporting Issues

The guide on "Making Enquiries and Reporting Issues" outlines how you can seek help or report any problems you encounter while using the Easy Connect platform. It provides you with several options for reaching out for support: checking the online resources available on the Listers website, sending an email for expert help, or directly calling the customer service team. Additionally, the guide includes step-by-step instructions on how to make a screen recording of the issue you're experiencing, which can be particularly useful for communicating complex issues effectively. There's also a section on using TeamViewer Quick Support for real-time assistance, allowing the support team to view your screen and address your query more efficiently. This guide ensures you have all the tools and information needed to resolve any issues swiftly, allowing you to continue working without significant delays.

Using Easy Connect

How To Add or Remove Sashes

"How to Add or Remove Sashes” provides clear, step-by-step instructions for modifying the sash configurations in your window or door projects directly within the app. It's useful for you as it allows adjustments without having to restart the selection process, saving you time and effort. This guide walks you through accessing the 'Review' page, where you can adjust the pane settings, and highlights the importance of checking your final configurations to ensure accuracy before finalising. This is particularly beneficial when needing to tailor specific product details to meet customer requirements efficiently.

How To Adjust Transom Splits on the Classic Heritage Door

"How to Adjust Transom Splits on the Classic Heritage Door on Easy Connect" details the steps to correctly set the transom heights when configuring a Classic Heritage door. This guide is particularly useful because it addresses common errors that occur due to default settings and provides clear instructions on how to resolve them, ensuring that the door's design meets specific measurements and standards. By following this guide, you can efficiently adjust the transom splits, ensuring that the finished door aligns with customer specifications and compliance requirements.

How To View or Enlarge Tile Images

"How to View or Enlarge Tile Images on Easy Connect" simplifies the process of viewing detailed images of options within the app, such as handles and cross-sectional drawings. This feature helps you make more informed choices by allowing you to see each option up close, which is particularly beneficial when selecting finer details that can impact the overall look and functionality of the products you are installing. The guide demonstrates a straightforward method to enlarge images by simply double-tapping on the tile, enhancing your ability to accurately assess and select the right components for each project.

Options Section Guide

The "Options Section Guide" for Easy Connect helps you navigate through important, software settings. This guide shows you where to find and how to use these settings to provide detailed and customised quotes. Familiarising yourself with this guide will help you use Easy Connect more effectively, ensuring you can offer tailored solutions quickly and accurately.

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