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Listers New Installer Quotation App Helps Their Customers Grow

The window and door industry has changed beyond recognition over the last decade. We have higher order values, a much larger product portfolio to offer homeowners, and there is so much information available to consumers online.

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Today’s homeowner also behaves very differently when they pop into our industry every 7 years so we need to adapt to their new buying behaviours. Homeowners are used to buying online, through great shopping apps, pay on Apple Pay, they gravitate towards trusted brands who can perform and engage with them in the way they are happy to transact. Those brands who don’t adapt to this new consumer behaviour are long gone! 

The days of sending out a quote on a word document 7 days after a survey are over. Many installers are now using industry software to give homeowners the digital experience they now expect. 

Easy Connect is going to be a game – changer in the industry.  Not only is it free and exclusive to our customers, we believe it delivers more than any other quotation or design software for windows and doors.

This revolutionary quotation app provides a seamless, easy to use quotation process, helping Listers’ customers stand out from their competitors.

There are 8 key benefits to Easy Connect

1. FREE for all Listers Customers

Easy Connect is available to all Listers customers at absolutely no cost. This means that installers can take advantage of its powerful features without any additional financial burden.

2. Reliable Offline Functionality

One of the standout features of Easy Connect is its ability to cache data. This means that installers can access and prepare quotations even without WiFi or 4G connectivity. No more relying on unstable internet connections – Easy Connect ensures that installers can work seamlessly regardless of their location.

3. 24/7 Availability

Gone are the days of waiting for quotations from Listers. Easy Connect is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. Installers can prepare quotes at their convenience, enabling them to provide timely and efficient service to their customers.

4. Accurate and Detailed Quotations

Easy Connect allows installers to build quotes with precise material costs. Installers can also include additional costs such as trims, building materials, installation fees, and mark-ups to ensure they secure their desired margins and provide comprehensive pricing.

Easy Connect

5. Personalized Branding

Easy Connect enables installers to create installer-branded quotations in PDF format, customised with their logos, contact details, terms and conditions, credentials, accreditations, and a professionally formatted cover letter. The Listers team works closely with installers to set up and tailor these features, ensuring a personalised and professional touch to every quotation.

6. All-in-One Solution

Easy Connect serves as a one-stop shop for all window and door products that installers purchase. Whether it’s The Residence Collection, DoorCo Composite Doors, VEKA, Eurocell, or the full range of Sheerline Aluminium windows and doors, Easy Connect has it covered. Installers can set up each product range with margin uplifts and mark-ups, making it easier than ever to provide accurate quotes across their entire product offering.

7. Years of Development and Investment

Listers has invested over half a million pounds and spent seven years developing Easy Connect. This dedication and commitment to creating a top-notch quotation application is a testament to Listers’ drive to meet the evolving needs of the industry.

8. Continuous Improvement

Listers understands the importance of staying ahead of the curve. That’s why they have an in-house team of three full-time developers focused on enhancing the software and applications. Over the next two years, Listers will continue to refine and expand Easy Connect, adding even more detail and functionality to ensure it remains a cutting-edge solution.

Sign-up to Easy Connect Today

Your can discover more about Easy Connect on our site or signup to get access to Easy Connect and start getting the benefits for your business.

Easy Connect

Roy Frost says…

When I joined Listers in 2017 I visited our customers and it became clear that the biggest frustration for customers at that time was waiting for quotations and then subsequent amendments. We took that feedback and got to work, initially working with First Degree Systems to empower customers with cloud-based quotation and ordering software, plus we recruited more staff to be able to turnaround quotations and amendments much faster, in fact we have 6 colleagues doing that on a full time basis today. 
However, the big solution was to develop the Easy Connect app to give our customers instant pricing.  Clearly we set a high bar and it’s taken longer and cost more than we originally anticipated, but the feedback following a 6 month customer trial has been tremendous.
We haven’t stopped the development either, our in-house team of 3 developers work on our software and applications full time and will make improvements over the next 2 years, adding in even more detail and functionality.
Roy Frost, Listers’ Director

In conclusion, Easy Connect is a game-changing quotation software that empowers Listers customers to streamline their quotation process, save time, and deliver accurate and professional quotes to homeowners. By offering a free, reliable, and feature-rich solution, Listers is revolutionising the industry and helping installers stay ahead of the competition. Signup to Easy Connect Today.

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