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Listers Welcome 2008!

2008 has begun with several well known and long established companies closing down, being placed in administration or simply phoenixing in an attempt to leave their bad debts behind. The pundits are saying that this is just the beginning of the long awaited ‘consolidation’ of our industry.

Your opinion on whether the rest of this year is going to be good or bad will depend very much on whether you are already prepared to meet the challenges ahead.

Phil Warren, Listers Sales Director, Says that 2008 is set to be another record year for them and their customers. “No one should think that 2008 will see the return to the easier times of the past. In fact we are prepared for even harder trading conditions going forward. But, as the number of failed trade fabricators continues to grow, there are going to be a lot of opportunities for well positioned companies like ourselves to grow their own market share.”

Being ‘prepared’ seems to be the key point here. Our industry has traditionally been slow and even reluctant to make changes. New ideas, products, specifications and regulations have often been met with apathy or cynicism, but now, being prepared to embrace change may well mean life or death for a business. There is no longer any slack in the system to just sit back and hope for the best. Our economy and marketplace are changing. Consumers are much more informed about our products and their effect on the environment. And it’s those companies who have changed to meet the new challenges who are gaining the rewards.

Listers ended 2007 with their 17th consecutive record sales month and a 9% increase for the year. Much of that growth has come from their dedication and enthusiasm for change. Their customers have certainly benefited from being able to offer BFRC rated windows as standard and Listers have now sold more than 50,000 WER windows. While some companies continue to ‘wait and see’ if there is a demand for these products, Listers and their customers have already been reaping the benefits.

While the mood in the industry may be sombre, Listers are confidently optimistic about 2008. They have made a lot of advances in 2007 that many companies are only just starting to think about. “Yes, we have had a great year in 2007,” says Phil, “but we are certainly not complacent. 2008 will have new challenges and we are ready and able to meet them. The driving force for us here is ‘change’ and that’s what enables our customers to thrive despite a difficult market. And their success is our success!”

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