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Introducing SheerVent: Roof Ventilation with Style

Listers is thrilled to introduce SheerVent, Sheerline’s latest innovation designed to revolutionise the way we think about ventilation for the S1 lantern roof. Merging functionality with the sleek, modern aesthetic of Sheerline’s award-winning aluminium glazed roofs, SheerVent is poised to redefine standards in the industry. 

SheerVent Roof Ventilation

SheerVent has been ingeniously crafted to complement the S1 roof lantern, offering a solution that enhances both new and existing installations. Its unique design allows the vent to sit flush with the S1’s rafter bars, rendering it nearly invisible when closed. This seamless integration ensures that the elegant lines of the S1 lantern are preserved, maintaining the aesthetic integrity of the structure. 

One of the standout features of SheerVent is the option to incorporate powered actuators, transforming the vent into an intelligent, automated ventilation system. This system can be further optimised with discreet sensors for rain, wind, and light, allowing for automatic adjustments in response to changing weather conditions, thereby offering unparalleled peace of mind to homeowners. 

SheerVent’s design eliminates the need for muntin bars, ensuring reliable ventilation without the risk of leaks or water ingress. The product is fully thermally broken, utilising the same high-performance 28mm glazing as the S1 lantern, guaranteeing that living spaces remain comfortable throughout the year. 

SheerVent Roof Ventilation

This launch comes in response to growing consumer demand for bright, airy living spaces that boast a consistent aesthetic. Sheerline’s dedication to offering a range of colour options, including standard, custom, and dual colours, underscores their commitment to providing versatile solutions that cater to the diverse preferences of homeowners. 

Roy Frost, the MD of Listers, commented,

The SheerVent is encapsulates our commitment to offering our customers the latest innovation and quality. SheerVent not only enhances the functionality of the S1 lantern roofs but does so without compromising on the sleek, modern design that it’s renowned for.
Roy Frost, Listers’ Managing Director

SheerVent symbolises Sheerline’s continuous effort to push the boundaries of aluminium product design, ensuring that both aesthetics and performance are elevated to new heights. With SheerVent, customers no longer have to choose between style and functionality; they can have both, seamlessly integrated into their living spaces. 

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