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What a Difference an ‘A’ Makes

A rated productsOver 23% of heat lost from the home is lost through poorly insulated windows. That’s 23% of a potential customer’s hard earned money thrown away on every heating bill they pay. And while one third of Britain’s housing stock still has only single glazed windows it means that, as a nation, we are throwing away some £1.5 billion every year.

Lister Trade Frames recently thought of a way to visually demonstrate the obvious benefits of upgrading a property to the highest ‘A’ Energy Rated windows from their Elitis range. They hired the skills of David Farmer, MD of East Midlands Thermal Imaging Limited, to carry out a property survey before and after an Elitis A+ window installation. The results, just as you would expect, are plain to see.

Lister’s Production Director, Darren Pusey, organised the survey with David from EMTI. “It’s one thing to read, or be told about the advantages of energy saving windows,” says Darren, “but it’s quite remarkable to see the visual evidence that is revealed using a thermal imaging camera.”

Pictures were taken of the property with its original single glazed windows and then again after the Elitis A+ energy windows had been installed. Photographs of the bay window clearly show the amount of heat being lost (recorded in white and red) before the installation. Afterward, the picture has dramatically changed showing very little heat lost to the outside recorded by the cold blue in the picture.

“The survey was quite involved to ensure that we were comparing like with like in terms of external and internal temperature differences” Says Darren, “but the results have given us a major advantage when demonstrating the difference that an Elitis A+ window can make and our customers love it.”

Lister Trade Frames have been at the forefront of the BFRC window energy ratings scheme, and their standard trade window product has been ‘C’ energy rated for well over a year now. They truly believe that energy rated windows can have an impact on the wasted energy that this country loses each and every year.

Listers’ efforts in supplying, marketing and demonstrating the value of energy rated windows has helped them to grow their business this year by over 13%. That sound like another great reason to be promoting the environmental message.

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