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Putting an end to door callbacks

GRiPCORE doors

Listers now supplies Gallery GRiPCORE doors, which are designed to be stronger and heavier than other composite doors on the market, and won’t warp or crack, resulting in fewer callbacks for installers.

The main irritation with any door installation are the callbacks to site. You want to fit and forget, which is what you can do with Gallery GRiPCORE doors because of the advanced technology in their construction.

Listers MD Roy Frost

Some timber core composite doors are prone to warping or bowing as thermal stresses build up within them. These are typically caused when the two faces of the door are subject to vastly different temperatures. For example, on a cold day, the outside face of the door could be close to freezing, while the internal face could be closer to 20C thanks to central heating. As the door expands and contracts simultaneously, it can lead to twisting which can stop it from closing properly.

Gallery GRiPCORE doors, from DOORCO, are made using a hybrid of cross-laminated engineered hardwood, laminated veneer lumber (LVL) timber, and hardwood stiles and rails, then pressed with 4mm GRP skins. Thanks to this robust design, doors will not move, bow or twist more than 3mm. They will also require minimal maintenance, and are more secure than many alternatives.

Listers’ customers can choose from the same styles and colours that its Gallery 44 doors are available in, making it easier for customers to upsell on the technical benefits of the door. For example, Gallery GRiPCORE doors can achieve an ultra-low U-value of 1.0W/m²K or better, and they feature multi-point locking mechanisms and high-grade security hardware.

We know that homeowners are looking to improve the thermal efficiency of their homes as the cost of energy continues to increase. As Gallery GRiPCORE doors are warmer and stronger than many doors on the market, our customers have a great opportunity to meet a real demand for high value high margin products.

Because Gallery GRiPCORE doors resist warping and cracking, that margin stays with the installer, and is not wasted returning to site to deal with performance issues.

Listers MD Roy Frost

Listers’ customers can also access a number of other benefits, such a homeowner leads, marketing and showroom support, and no-nonsense online ordering.

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