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Understanding PAS24: Its Meaning and Implications for Windows and Doors 

PAS24 is a set of standards designed to enhance the security of doors and windows. This publicly available specification is often a prerequisite for new buildings and renovations, ensuring that doors and windows can withstand a range of simulated attack methods. For installers, understanding PAS 24 is essential for recommending high-security, compliant products to their customers. 

PAS 24 Certified

What is PAS 24? 

PAS 24 is a British Standard that outlines the minimum security requirements for doors and windows. It is developed by BSI (British Standards Institution) and designed to make homes more secure by ensuring that windows and doors are robust enough to resist attack. The certification covers a variety of doors and windows, including entrance doors, French doors, sliding patio doors, and all windows, regardless of their material or type of operation. 

How are the Tests Performed? 

Products are subjected to a range of rigorous physical tests to ensure they meet the PAS 24 standards. These tests include: 

  1. Manual checks: These are designed to simulate attempted break-ins, with testers using tools like screwdrivers and crowbars to try and force entry through the door or window. 
  2. Mechanical assessments: These simulate the wear and tear a door or window might experience over time. 
  3. Load tests: These simulate forceful attacks and include tests for door distortion and hinge robustness. 
  4. Glazing security: This test focuses on the security of the glazing and its resistance to being removed or broken. 

Why is PAS 24 Important? 

PAS24 is a crucial benchmark for security in the residential sector. It provides assurance to homeowners that their doors and windows can resist common forms of attack. Additionally, many insurance companies require PAS 24 compliance as a condition of their home insurance policies. For installers, offering PAS 24 certified products is a way to demonstrate commitment to quality and security. 

Lister Products and PAS 24 

Lister offers a range of products that meet and exceed the PAS 24 standards. Our Sheerline Classic, Sheerline Prestige, and Steel Look ranges all comply with PAS 24, ensuring high security alongside impressive aesthetic appeal and performance. We’re proud to offer these superior products to installers, furthering our commitment to quality, security, and innovation. 

Understanding PAS 24 is vital for any installer seeking to provide their customers with secure, high-quality doors and windows. Lister’s commitment to this standard across our range ensures that our products are not only designed to impress but also to protect. 

PAS24 is available as an upgrade across our product range and is required in New Build developments, which we supply through GJB Newbuild.

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