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Timberweld®: Now Available at Listers 

Listers is proud to introduce Timberweld® technology, a patented method of jointing that achieves an unparalleled butt-joint effect on both the exterior and interior of windows. This exclusive flush sash welded system delivers an authentic traditional timber appearance and superior technical performance. 

Traditional Butt Joints with Timberweld®

This week marks the roll-out of Timberweld joints across our factories, establishing a new benchmark for aesthetic styling. In recognition of homeowners’ preferences for authentically designed windows, we are incorporating Timberweld as a standard feature in all Residence 7 and Residence 9 windows, with an optional upgrade for Timeless Windows. 

Timberweld technology represents a significant advancement in the joining of uPVC corners, creating an authentic timber butt joint effect that is visible from both inside and outside. Traditional wood foiled, butt-jointed windows have long been sought after for their aesthetic appeal. However, the conventional designs often falter, leaving windows susceptible to rainwater penetration, draughts, and infestations. Timberweld’s patented technology ensures the preservation of traditional wooden charm, free from these inherent vulnerabilities. 

The Aesthetic and Practical Advantages of Timberweld®

Achieving the classic look of traditional timber windows, Timberweld excels in both aesthetic and practical terms. This patented jointing method offers more than just visual appeal—it delivers perfectly sealed butt-joints, enhancing the overall window structure. Roy Frost, Managing Director at Listers, expressed why Listers have added Timberweld: 

Timberweld enables us to meet the aesthetic expectations of homeowners who cherish the timeless elegance of wood, while enjoying the benefits of modern materials. Our dedication to innovation places us at the forefront of window fabrication, offering unparalleled quality and versatility.
Roy Frost, Listers’ Managing Director

Timberweld seamlessly addresses the challenge of blending traditional aesthetics with modern performance. Windows crafted using this technology feature fully sealed edges, echoing the design of classic wooden frames, yet boasting superior durability and ease of maintenance. The outcome is a product that not only enriches the visual appeal of homes but also contributes to enhanced energy efficiency and security. 

Traditional Butt Joints with Timberweld®

Cost-Effective and unglazed option 

Timberweld affords installers a unique opportunity to distinguish their offerings in a competitive marketplace. By embracing this technology, they can present a premium product that appeals to both heritage property owners and sophisticated homeowners. 

This advanced method allows for the creation of authentic 90° butt-joint effects, meticulously replicating the appearance of traditional timber flush casements or mechanically jointed sashes. Notably, Timberweld® facilitates the supply of unglazed windows, streamlining the installation process for quicker, more efficient, and profitable outcomes. 

Key Benefits of Timberweld® Technology:

Authentic Aesthetics: Achieves a genuine 90° butt-joint appearance on both the interior and exterior of the window, perfectly mimicking traditional timber flush casements. 
Enhanced Strength: Utilises welded corner joints that are significantly stronger than mechanically jointed ones, ensuring longevity and durability. 
Simplified Installation: Supplied unglazed for convenience, allowing for easier handling, reduced transport weight, and the option to source glass locally. 
No Glass Bonding Required: Eliminates the need for glass bonding, enabling straightforward and efficient installation. 
Pressure Resistance: Capable of withstanding up to 11 bars or 1100kN/m2 of pressure, comparable to standard 45° uPVC welded products. 
Warranty Assurance: Backed by a 10-year warranty, reflecting our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. 

Timberweld technology not only enhances the visual appeal of windows but also brings robustness and practicality to the forefront, ensuring that your customers benefit from both form and function. Lister remains dedicated to offering products that meet the highest standards of quality and innovation, making Timberweld® a prime example of our commitment to excellence. 

Embracing Timberweld®: A Leap Towards Future Innovation 

The growing demand for heritage-style windows underscores the timely introduction of Timberweld® technology by Listers. This initiative is a testament to our forward-looking approach, ensuring our customers have access to the latest solutions tailored to homeowner preferences. 

Roy Frost concludes,

The introduction of Timberweld has garnered overwhelmingly positive feedback. We are pleased to extend this cutting-edge technology to a broader segment of the industry. It’s not merely about fulfilling current market needs; it’s about anticipating the future and advancing together.
Roy Frost, Listers’ Managing Director

For further information about ordering Residence Windows and Timeless with Timberweld please contact the Listers sales team today. 

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